Customers Membership

Before anything, please make sure to create a Centrall account and be logged into it when buying the membership so that both accounts are associated and you have no trouble logging into your membership, happy shopping!

- Get Access to limited Steals with exclusive prices!
- All items are majorly discounted
- New items are dropping everyweek!

Shoes, clothing and accessories!

Centrall membership is a new exclusive section of our Online Store that offers benefits to its members. Every week, we will release a new drop that will include sneakers, clothing, accessories and more. All the items will be discounted from their original prices and will be available in limited quantities.

Only members who purchase the subscription will get access to the discounted items. People who do not subscribe to the membership will not get access to the discounted products.

The cost of the Centrall membership is $25/month which will give you an exclusive access to all 4 drops of the month. The payment will automatically be made every month in your account once you subscribe & If you would like to cancel the membership, you can unsubscribe via your account setting*. *You can only unsubscribe & subscribe a limited amount of time.

All drops will be releasing the Friday of every week at 5pm and will be based on a first come first serve method. If a change occurs regarding the time of the release, you will be notified in advance by email and it will also be announced on our Instagram (@Centrall.mtl).

Various sizes of each item will drop every week. In some cases, most sizes of a shoe or clothing item will be available. In other cases, only specific sizes will be available. We do not guarantee that the item that you are looking forward to purchasing, will be available in the size that you want.

Absolutely. You can purchase more than one item per drop but there is a limit of one item per checkout. For example, if you would like to buy two items, you will be required to purchase them in two separate checkouts. *Centrall membership is a new project brought to you by the Centrall team. All members will be informed by email if changes occur to improve the membership.

* This subscription is a NEW project launched by the team at Centrall. All members will be notified by email if there are any changes to improve Centrall subscriptions.