(2 PAIR) The Original Sneaker Shields - GEN-X “COMBO PACK” Shoe Crease Preventer

Size: S (6-9)
$34.99 CAD


  • DESIGNED TO LAST- These designs are made in the USA from a special Secret Formula specifically engineered to be soft and comfortable, yet extremely durable. You will get hundreds of wears out of them and love the way they keep your kicks looking crease free. We guarantee it.
  • EASY TO USE: This design is made from a very thin plastic making them comfortable and very effective. Simply slip them in your favorite sneakers and then wear them. This design will stop the creases from forming on your sneakers toe-box thus keeping them new like the day you bought them.
  • TRUSTED -BRAND - Our design is a global leader in the industry of keeping your favorite kicks looking clean and crease free. Just search the web for thousands of video testimonials and you will see what our customers have to say.
  • 100% TOE-BOX PROTECTION GUARANTEE- Finally wear your favorite kicks without having the fear of creasing them! The “UNIVERSAL” design Is our most comfortable style made for Maximum Comfort. It’s soft, comfortable, breathable and perfect for everyday Crease Prevention.
  • THE COMBO PACK - Gives you the best of both worlds! It includes 1 pair of Universals (our Soft plastic inserts) and 1 pair of Protectors (our Harder plastic inserts) They are both designed to be comfortable and offer maximum crease prevention. Its the perfect choice if you have never tried them!

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